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2006-2009  Karts

Ran my first race at age 5 and won a 20lb turkey!

Got to run a couple times after that, but it wasn't until 2006 that I got to race karts full time.  We were busy traveling with my parents, due to the fact that they both raced off-road buggies.  They gave up their racing so my sister and I could race.

We ran traveling series MWSS, GLSS and with the WKA. Over the years I won races, a Championship, a WKA Grand National Championship, multiple poles, and even was named the WKA EKarting Hard Charger Award coming from 30th to 7th at a WKA event.  

Karting was alot of fun but then in 2010 a friend let me test his FWD at Owosso Speedway and I was hooked.  Gave up karting to run for a championship in stock car racing.  Was a good decision as that was my 1st championship in a stock car!    

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