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Kyle Crump



Garden City, MI


Brighton, MI

Kyle W. Crump


Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 6‘

Started Racing Full Seasons: 2006

Number: 7 ,50 & 71

First Win:

Types of Racing Raced :

Track Records:

First Championship:

Junior Yahama
2001    Kid Kart

Birthdate: 09/12/95


Track Records Set


Total Ice Racing Wins


Total Ashphalt Wins


Total Asphalt Poles

  • Kyle is a Kettering University Graduate with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

  • When Kyles not racing you can find him at the gym.

  • Kyle names Kyle Adkins as the reason for car #7.  "He was a great help and mentor in my karting days and its an honor to have ran his number", states Kyle.

  • Blue is Kyle's favorite M&M color.  Peanut M&M that is!

  • Kyle's nickname as a baby was "Spike" he had jet black hair that stood straight up on top.

  • Kyle's favorite food is Mexican.

  • Kyle's first car was a Neon (big surprise there).

Racing History:
How it all started and where I am today!

2021-Will be another exciting year driving for the Rosen's in the Super Late Model and driving for Crosstown Motorsports in the Outlaw and hopefully get in a couple Pure Stock races!

2020-No wins this year but finally finished the Winchester 400 and finished 2nd!  That's a win in our book.  Had some great runs and finished in the top 5. 

Getting used to the Outlaw and had some great runs as well with the Cross Town Motorsports Team. 

Was able to race a couple Pure Stock races for Josh Somers, had some great runs but we just couldn't put it together, almost won one race with a flat tire!  Finished the race but didn't win sooo close, hopefully get to try again in 2021.

Due to covid not many races but still had a good time.

2019- Collected our first win in the Rosen Super late model at the Kalamazoo Klash! Great team effort.  Still consistent and getting top 5's , 2 races missed some setup but still finished top 10.

Ran couple Outlaw Races getting used to the car and loving it.  These things are quick!

2018- Had fantastic runs this year with R&D Racing- we were top 5 every race, except Winchester (led 95 laps then got flat after caution), Winchester 400 (DNF) and Kalamazoo (just missed the setup).  So close to a win but just never able to close the deal, looking forward to 2019.

2017-Had a great race season racing for Judi and Stan Rosen in the CRA Super Series.  We got a pole, good finishes and even were in contention for some wins.  With the CRA Crate car got my first CRA Jegs WIN at Owosso Speedway, my home track, man that felt GREAT!   Had 3 other great races I actually considered this my best year yet (1st, 2nd, 4th and a 6th). 

2016- This year I was able to partner up with Gleaners Food Bank and was their Hunger Hero representative.  My team and I made appearances with the race car and met with some great kids and introduced them to the sport of racing! Ran a number of races at Berlin Raceway with the Super Late Models (best finish 4th), ran Owosso Speedway Nationals finished 3rd with a heat win, and ran CRA Owosoo Speedway finishing 4th after coming back from 2 laps down on lap 65.  

2015- Competed in the Pro Late Model class at Owosso Speedway.  Finished overall 2nd in points, couple wins, and had a great year racing at our local track!     

2014- Built a newer chassis (2012 Port City) and the car feels great but had very bad luck.  Felt like every time we hit the track we were fast and then within 2-3 laps of the race we were involved in a wreck and ended our night.  Also fought season long issues with ignition.  Ended our year with a high note, won my first race at Owosso Speedway and made the Snowflake 100 race in Florida (over 60 entries).  But as my bad luck continued I was taken out on lap 15.  Hopefully 2015 will be better for my team! 


2013- Unbelievable year!  Finished 8th Overall in 1st full season running with Championship Racing Association in the Jegs All Stars Class.  Had couple great runs and some not so great runs.  Our teams highest finish was 3rd.  Must say this was a HUGE learning year for my team (Dad, Mom, sister and myself).  Upsetting not to get a win this year, but considering everything we learned this year as a team and myself as a driver this year does end as a wining year!


CRA voted Kyle Crump Racing as the Sportsman of the Year!  What an honor to receive this award. Most Popular Driver- Kyle Crump voted 3rd most popular!


2012- Made decision to move up to Late Models.  I have learned everything I can running the FWD Class and am very glad to have had such success. Concentrated on the Super Stocks division at Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan where I won the Rookie of the Year title while also finishing 7th overall in points.  


2011- Made decision not to race karts anymore.  I am going to concentrate on Circletrack Racing.  We decided to run with the Championship Racing Association (CRA) traveling series and Friday evenings at Spartan Speedway.  Off nights we would run at Owosso Speedway.  We had an incredible year!  I learned alot racing with CRA on the 1/2 mile tracks, and did alot of traveling to tracks in IN.  I set track records at CRA Winchester, CRA Baer Field, Spartan Speedway and Owosso Speedway.  I won Rookie of the Year titles in the Michigan Ice Racing Association (MIRA) and the FWD Compacts with CRA.  Overall points standings (2nd in CRA, 5th Spartan, and 2nd Owosso(even though I missed 5 races at Owosso).  

2010- Ran my first year in circletrack and loved it. Had an unbelievable year! I started off having such good runs and the car just felt right, that I decided to concentrate on the big picture and run for the Rookie and overall Points Championships. This decision meant racing at Owosso Speedway every Saturday night. This decision paid off and I won the Rookie and the overall Points Championship! I also picked up my first sponsor Little Wings Aviary. I ran a couple races in my junior kart- best finish was 5th in WKA Nationals and 2nd in the GLSS divisional series. Karting has been a fantastic stepping stone and I think the skills I learned in karting defintily helped with my transisiton into Circletrack.

2009- Ran my first year in the Junior Classes with Margay Karts. I ran the GLSS (Great lakes Sprint Series) and the WKA (World Karting Association) Manufactures Cup series. With the support of Margay and Adkins Speedcenter I was able to receive a couple pole positions, 4th place finish at a national event, and finished 3rd overall in the Yamaha Junior Heavy GLSS. I also received the Ekarting hard charger award at Lowes working my way from 30th to 7th! The season was full of a lot of exciting racing looking forward to another year and trying out stock car racing.

2008- Ran the entire season with the Midwest Sprint Series (MWSS), Great Lakes Sprint Series (GLSS) and all the National Events.  Extremely busy and hard year.  We switched to Birel Karts (Birel Monza C28, Birel AR28Z) this year and also managed to run the Cadet Class thanks to the support of Fleming Motorsports.  This year had its fill of ups and downs- but overall I was very happy with the results and had lots of good and exciting runs!  I was able to win my first Grand National (again thanks to Doug Fleming) in the cadet class.  Finishes overall- MWSS 2nd HPV 5th Yamaha 3rd Cadet.  GLSS 3rd HPV 6th Yamaha 2nd Cadet.  Nationals 9th HPV 8th Yamaha 10th Cadet.

2007-  I ran the entire race season with the Midwest Sprint Series (MWSS).  I placed 1st in Yamaha Junior Sportsman and 5th in HPV Junior Sportsman.  Considering the competion in this series, this was an unbelieveable experience for me.  I also ran National Events (Best Finish 2nd) and the Great Lakes Sprint Series (Best finish 1st).  My kart started to crack everywhere this season.  Luckily, I ran the other races so each MWSS I did not have issues.  My invader was a fantastic kart (best handling kart in my opinion), however the kart is just too old and we are too nervous about the cracks that keep occuring.  Adkins Speed Center recommended we go Birel for 2008. 


2006- We ran the 2006 season with the MWSS.  What a learning experience that was!  My parents and I learned so much that year.  I even got them to buy me an HPV motor by the end of the year.  I finished 5th in the points for Yamaha Junior Sportsman.  Then the best news for me, my parents sold their last race buggy. 

2004/2005- My parents bought me a used CRG kart to see if I was still interested.  Raced at our local track (ELKT-East Lansing Kart Track).  Still not able to run as much as I wanted but I showed enough interest that my parents sold one of their race buggies and I got an Invader Kart to race (2005).  Began to have better runs and decided to race where I could learn from the best.  The Midwest Sprint Series for 2006 and my parents would not run their remaining buggy. Yes, they where sitting out so I could race a whole season. 

2001-  My parents bought me a top kart kid kart when I was 5 yrs old.  I actually won my first big race that year- no trophy but a 20 lb turkey!    Unfortunatey due to the fact that both my parents raced off road buggies in the CORR racing series, I was able to play with the kid kart a couple more times then it just sat in the garage :(

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