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Car Destroyed in Series Opener

04/24/16 Berlin Raceway, Marne, MI. - Spring Fling

Kyle qualified 19th with no practice sessions under his belt. "We seriously thought about staying home, we had just finished the car up and had just enough time to load, get to the track and qualify. But hey, we did everything to get this car ready- so why not go for it! We decided we would use this first race as more of a practice session than our first race", stated Todd Crump.

Kyle finished 6th in the 2nd heat and made some necessary chassis changes on the car. "I think we will be alright in the main race. The car isn't too bad for its first time out. We'll just make some laps and see how we do", said Kyle.

The main race was 60 laps, 22 cars taking the flag, and we were competing against Supers! (Supers are a class above us, faster but once we figure things out we should have a slight chance of winning).

Kyle was having a great run, it was a full moon and accidents were happening in front of him, beside him and behind him. It was a crazy race but Kyle was working his way around, he was up to the 15th position by lap 40. We got spun once (we were able to keep our spot on the track), went to the rear once due to a racing accident and worked our way back up. The car was really working on short runs and with all the cautions it was playing right into our hands. Kyle came across the radios with 6 laps to go stating how much fun he was having. It was looking like a top 10 finish for sure and even a possibility of a top 5. Then the big one hit, the leaders up front all checked up as a couple racers had come together, the racer in front of Kyle spun to the inside to miss the car in front of him and Kyle rode up his rear wheel and went airborne and landed into the cement wall coming out of turn one. We were done! And so was our race car.

When they brought the car in, it was very upsetting. "The entire front end is destroyed along with all of the suspension on the left and right sides of the car. We will not be racing for a while till we can get this car all back together again," stated an extremely disappointed and very upset Kyle.

"My team never gives up, we will regroup get the car to Port City for a new front clip and go through all the parts and see what is salvageable and what isn't," said Kyle. "We'll be back!", were his last words.

After the crash- cement walls have no give!

before the crash

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