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First race after crash

Berlin Raceway

CRA Jegs Race at Berlin was one race KCR really wanted to race in. "We have the car all back together, got her out for a couple practice runs at Owosso Speedway just to verify the rear end and the motor were working properly so we thought we were good to go," explained Kyle. "However once we began practicing at Berlin I knew something was wrong. We had a couple minor issues with power steering, but Dad resolved those quickly. The car still wasn't right. After discussing things and telling my spotter want I needed to know I realized that my shocks were broke, they would not hold the car down. I tried to borrow some shocks but none were available, then I tried to switch and run my rears on the front (Thanks to VanDoorn Racing Development for allowing me to use their shock machine). But nothing was working. The time wasn't right and we pushed too quick to try to get back out on the track", continued Kyle. "I made some runs but the car just wont handle without the right shocks up front. Made some laps and drove her into the trailer in one piece. Got my shock guy (T&A Shocks) working on them now, hopefully get those on the car and get back out ASAP!", explained Kyle.

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