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Saturday, June 25th we made the trip back to Berlin. The whole team was a bit nervous but at the same time excited to see how it would go. The weather was beautiful but extremely hot, over 90. Special thanks to T&A Shocks for getting our backup shocks fixed and ready to go.

KCR ran couple practice sessions and the car improved each time with the changes Kyle was ordering out. Kyle went out and qualified with a 16.313. "Wow I cant believe that I thought maybe a 16.5", exclaimed Kyle once he found out his time. The team was very happy with that qualifying time.

Kyle ran in the 2nd heat, started 4th and finished 4th. Kyle decided to make a gear change and a setup change prior to the race.

Kyle started in the 16th position and would finish the race in 9th. The race would be 60 laps. Kyle worked his way to 10th at the halfway point. On lap 48 he made the pass stick for 9th. From this point on it was a 2 car battle for 9th, with 11th lurking waiting to pounce. Kyle on the outside and the other car on the inside (lap after lap after lap). "It was so intense, I had maybe an inch to the wall and inch to the other car and just prayed the other driver wouldn't slide up", stated Kyle. "It was really a lot of fun. It was just hard clean racing, I hit the wall once, but luckily the other driver didn't get around me. The other driver got me sideways I think 3 to go but again I got lucky and they got sideways as well. Took everything I had to hold that position. What a blast to be BACK!!", shouted Kyle after the race. "So proud of him, he stayed out of trouble and had to battle hard the last 25 laps just for 9th. It was crazy, it just shows you the level of competition over here at Berlin Raceway", stated spotter and mom.

The class we run actually consists of mostly Supers (which are a step above us) and approximately 10 Jegs cars like ours. "Racing here just forces us to be at the top of our game, competing against a field of Supers and over 20 cars each time only makes us better!", stated Todd Crump.

Special thanks to all that have stuck with us this year Optima Batteries, Gleaners Food Bank (Hunger Hero), Shepard's Indoor Speedway, T&A Shocks, TJ Lubricates. Please visit them for any needs you may have and tell them KCR sent you!

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