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BERLIN - KCR has a good night!

Saturday July 16, 2016. K&M Dodge Ladies Night at Berlin Raceway- all ladies got in free tonight. It was a hot, sunny and beautiful day to be at the race track. KCR arrived early, got unloaded, picked out our race tires and got ready for practice.

Practice went well, times were consistent for our old tires and after some changes the car felt good and Kyle was ready for qualifying. We went out 7th, out of 25 cars, and qualified 14th with our best time yet!

We started outside front row for the heat race which would be 8 laps. "Car felt great for 3 laps than suddenly tightened right up. The car never did this before. Had to get off the gas to get the car to rotate", stated Kyle. We finished the heat race in 3rd and Kyle was in thinking mode on what do for the race which would be 60 laps.

Kyle made some changes and was hoping for the best. We started in the 8th row inside. Caution came on lap 6, just in time Kyle was coming across the radio stating that the car was getting tight again. Kyle decided to pit and have dad make some changes. Went back out after the changes, had to restart in the rear, and the car was handling much better. Kyle had mom spotting and was working his way through traffic. By halfway he was up to 13th and with 7 laps to go he was running 9th. He caught positions 5th-8th but unfortunately ran out of time. KCR would finish 9th out of 25 cars and load her in one piece. "Now that's a good night", exclaimed spotter and mom, Tracy. "Well this race and the changes I made gives me some ideas of what to try next race, the car still needs to rotate better in the center but we are getting better with each race.", explained Kyle.

Berlin Raceway Super Late Model Qualify (I know were not a Super but this is the class we race in at Berlin LOL!)  07/16/16
Berlin Super Late Model- start of race 07/16/16

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