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BERLIN - KCR left wondering what went wrong!

Saturday July 30, 2016 Country Cowboy Night at Berlin Raceway- Wear your cowboy boots or cowboy hat for $5 admission. Woke up that morning to the sound of raindrops! Thought for sure the race would be cancelled. Well, it wasn’t raining over in Marne, MI (we make a 2 1/2 drive) so we loaded up and headed out. Ended up being a cloudy day but turned out to be a great night for the races!

KCR went to the Berlin Raceway earlier in the week and practiced with the car. “We just haven’t had time on race days to try different setup options”, stated Kyle. “We had a great day of practice and I’m really hoping for a great race today,” continued Kyle.

Practice went completely opposite of what KCR had hoped. Absolutely no front grip at all in the car. Kyle tried some changes but nothing seemed to be working. “Kyle was so nervous on qualifying, on the warm up lap the car wouldn’t turn at all (due to no grip), he went for it and still made a great qualifying lap and again cut another tenth off our best time! Very proud of him he qualified 9th”, exclaimed Todd Crump.

With that qualifying speed we made the fast heat race and started on pole. Kyle opted to go to the rear. “All of the cars behind me are Supers (I have a Crate car) and with my car not handling very well I would’ve just been in their way. The respectful thing to do was opt for the rear. Glad I did, my car was still having issues and not getting the grip I needed. I rode in the back and finished 9th”, stated a disappointed Kyle.

We would be the 3rd race of the night and running 60 laps. “I’ve made some changes just not sure if they are the right ones. Not sure if it’s the car or my tires? The car was great during the week,” jokingly stated Kyle. Well the race was on and Kyle would ride along in the 11th position for the 1st half of the race. “Kyle was very quiet on the radio so I knew he wasn’t happy”, stated Tracy (spotter/mom). He made some great moves at the end of the race and moved up to 10th by lap 57 but with no cautions we weren’t able to make any changes during the race. Kyle stated after the race, “that the car just had no front grip then would snap loose due to putting too much wheel into it. Extremely miserable to drive an ill handling car like that. Glad to have finished at least 10th but very disappointed overall”. The KCR team is wondering what the heck happened with this race night.

Berlin Raceway Super Late Model

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