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BERLIN - KCR ends run at Berlin on High Note!

Saturday August 27, 2016 Chet Championship Night at Berlin Raceway- All divisions racing tonight so just qualifying and feature races. The race scheduled last Saturday August 20th was rained out and when we woke up this morning the weather wasn’t looking good again! It was championship night so we hoped for the best.

Practice wasn’t bad, knew we had a decent car for the night. “Just have to wait and see what happens once we put a good set of tires on the car”, stated an optimistic Kyle. Well he was right, he went out and qualified 8th out of 21 cars (most of which are Supers (a step above our car)) so the whole KCR Team was ecstatic and it was also our best time of the year. “Each time here Kyle just keeps getting better and better”, wish we had more races stated Kyle's dad.

Looked like the weather was going to hold off and our race was ready. We now had 23 cars for the 60 lap race due to another track getting rained out and 2 cars came over to race with us. Kyle was starting in the 2nd row outside lane. The flag went green. It was a clean start and Kyle was running 4th. By lap 19 Kyle found himself running in 2nd chasing down the leader. Then a yellow flag came out on lap 22, how disappointing. On the restart we ended up in the 3rd position and held that spot all the way until lap 51. Kyle had a good spot slowly gaining on the leaders and had a nice cushion behind him so no pressure. We sure were hoping to go green for 9 more laps, but than a caution. “Dang not want I wanted”, exclaimed Kyle over the radio. Now we had to make another restart and try to get away from the Supers again. “Just hope I saved my tires better than the guys behind me and I have to get a good restart”, stated Kyle. Kyle would be surrounded by a couple of the best racers in the country so no worries just have to stay with them. The flag went green and they were off, Kyle had a great restart and fell in line for 4th. Had 5-8th right on his tail, luckily each lap Kyle was a bit better coming off of turn 2 and would pull ahead just a bit each time. We ended the race in 4th, with 5th place just ½ second back. “Wow what a year, the 1st race of the year was the worst and the last race of the year was our best”, exclaimed an excited and very happy mom! “It was a great run, the car was tight in the center but I had enough to run with them and hold my position! I just floored it on the restart and hoped for the best”, laughed Kyle after the race. We went to impound for post-race tech and then it just poured down rain! “Guess we finished that race just in time”, said our spotter Dale.

We ended up 13th place in the points championship, after missing couple races due to the crash at the beginning of the year, so extremely happy with that. Next up will be the JEGS/CRA race at our home track of Owosso Speedway.

Berlin Raceway Super Late Model
Horsepower visiting Kyle and wishing him Good Luck!

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