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KCR has unbelievable run at Owosso JEGS/CRA!


RACE #7 – Saturday September 10, 2016 Owosso Speedway Ovid, MI –


Another chance to run a JEGS/CRA race and we wake up to another rainy day! The Owosso Speedway was going to do everything possible to run this race. There was no calling it, so we loaded up and headed out. “Have to stay positive, I really want to run this race”, stated Kyle.

We entered the track and unloaded for practice. It was cloudy out, but rain wasn’t called for till later in the day. We ended up 7th in the 1st practice and then made couple changes and ended up 3rd in the 2nd practice. Then a huge rain storm hit. It lasted approximately 30 minutes then just some sprinkles after that. The Owosso speedway jumped on track drying. CRA called a drivers meeting and it was decided to use the next/last practice session as a qualifying session. There wouldn’t be enough time for a normal qualifying so everyone had to throw on their qualifying tires at least once during practice.

The weather was clearing up beautiful and we were ready to go. Our initial run on the new tires got wrecked due to a car spinning on the track in practice while Kyle was racing with the new set of tires. Kyles run prior to this was 3rd quickest, but we knew as soon as everyone else put on their qualifying tires our time would drop. Believe it or not our 3rd place time held up! “Well that’s exciting that our 3rd place time on the older tires held up, pretty shocked but feels good!”, laughed Kyle.

KCR would start 4th row outside. “I’m feeling really good about this car, been great in practice all day can’t wait to start this race”, stated an anxious Kyle during the autograph session. We had lots of fun passing out t-shirts, autograph cards and candy to all the fans! The place was packed in part due to NASCAR driver Erik Jones racing with us tonight.

The race went green and by lap 8 Kyle was running 3rd and then on lap 35 moved into 2nd place. Then we had a Yellow flag due to cars spinning and Kyle would have to start on the inside and fell back to 4th. “The car is running great but something sounds funny up front”, stated Kyle over the radio. Another yellow and then Kyle was pulling off the track. Came across the radio saying something let loose on the left front. The pit crew went to work, turned out the front left arm came loose. The crew tighten things back up and sent him back out on the track. KCR was now 2 laps down and in the 22nd position on the track. Thanks to a couple more yellows we got back on the lead lap due to the Lucky Dog (which means we get our lap back on each yellow). Now back on the lead lap, Kyle began his charge through the field. With 16 to go Kyle was back in 5th place, then he got 3rd and 4th and made the pass and was working on 2nd place with 2 to go! Then the racer in 3rd spun Kyle coming out of turn 2. Kyle somehow made the save (but was passed by 3rd and 4th while spinning) and would end up in 5th place. However, the winner was disqualified for post-race inspection and KCR was credited with 4th place. “Extremely happy with our finish, especially coming from like 22 to the front. I really feel like I would’ve passed the guy running in 2nd right there before being spun. That’s just so disappointing that we have to have people race like that. Could’ve been a win for my team! Still excited the car ran so good and that we made it back to the front. Thanks to all who help us, my team, sponsors, family and friends, and the fans. Just goes to show you what a small team can accomplish. So happy!” stated Kyle after the race.

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